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7 bars per box


In today’s culture candy/snacks are just what we do! Members LOVE the bars! Packed with protein AND all the flavors are delicious! Teaching our members to eat our bars as opposed to a “Snickers” or “Milky Way” not only helps them lose weight, but hopefully teaches them a life-long habit!

Guide your members to cut up the bar in small pieces, place inside of a baggie and put it in the freezer over night. It makes for a savory snack through out the day!


Remember, in order to sell the big orders of product, educate on how the supplements are the trick to losing weight faster because protein is broken down in its free form and goes to work faster in your system. In other words, always ask “what flavor supps can I get you today?” After you review the supps, then review the bars. Members will always buy bars because they want their snacks! Supplements really do help your members lose weight faster. When your members lose weight, they are more motivated to buy more product and other ancillary programs!


Here's a perfect anytime snack for people controlling net carb intake. Our bars help subdue sweet cravings. They provide a balanced blend of slow and fast acting proteins for long lasting satisfaction. Like all of our products, our bars top the charts in great taste and innovative nutrition. Formulated with 10 grams of protein and less than 170 calories.

Protein Bars - Sweet and Salty Peanut 10g

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